Tips to Make Scrubbing Your Floors Less Painful
woman scrubbing floors

You might think nothing could make scrubbing your floors any less awful. But at least one of these tips could help you dread it just a little bit less.


You might be having a good chuckle after reading the title of this article. Many of us would probably say that there is absolutely nothing -- besides hiring a live-in housekeeper -- that could make the chore of floor-scrubbing any less awful. It's just one of those tasks you have to do every so often. You put it off, procrastinate as long as you can, then finally pick up a mop and just pray you don't have to deal with any damage or major stains.

Besides being back-breaking work, floor-scrubbing can be mentally exasperating, too. There are a zillion cleaning products out there that claim to be the best solution for certain types of floors -- so how do you know what the best cleanser is for your hardwoods, linoleum or tile?

We're here to tell you that scrubbing your floors doesn't have to be the absolute worst -- or most confusing -- chore in the world. In this article, we'll attempt to convince you that the job can be a little easier. We won't claim to make the job pain-free or totally enjoyable, but perhaps at least one of these five tips will help you dread it just a little bit less.