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I have nothing but pity for socks. Of all the clothes, they get the worst and most thankless job. Even underwear in its distasteful position is considered more exciting and interesting than the sock. What can we do to show our love to socks and all their shoe-protecting, foot-stink-suppressing, dog-warming glory? We can extend their miserable lives by taking proper care of them. Conserving resources is a great way to help the environment. Here are some tips.

1. Turn your socks inside out when you wash them Sock may get a little dirty on their exterior, but they get a lot dirty on their interior. Turning them inside out can remove all that sweat and dead skin that comes from your feet.

2. Wear the correct sock size If a sock is too big, it can bunch up or not hug your ankle well. This can cause undue wear and tear. If the socks are too small, the socks will be literally bursting at the seams. A sock that fits well will last the longest.

3. Keep Your Socks in Pairs Keep your socks together. This way you are less likely to lose a sock and wind up with an orphan.

4. Trim Your Toenails Long, jagged toenails will cut your socks to shreds! Trim your toes to remove pointy bits from toenails.

5. Clean them Correctly Wash them in cold water. The less detergent the better. Don't put them in the dryer. (There's supposedly a black hole in there that eats socks.) The dryer will shorten their lifespan. Air dry the socks. It?s better for the environment and the sock.