Clean as You Go
Did You Know?

The bathtub is another super-germy place. You can typically find more than 100,000 bacteria per square inch in yours. It makes sense: Washing all of the germy stuff off your body combined with a moist environment makes for a breeding ground for bacteria.

Cleaning as you go is a tried and true way to save time, especially in the kitchen and the bath. When cooking, wipe surfaces as you go and transfer used prep bowls and utensils to the sink. You should also wipe the stovetop down as you're cooking. This will prevent you from having a crusted-on mess to deal with after dinner. Same goes for the bathroom. Wipe away any soap scum and toothpaste as you go and make sure to keep the toilet nice and clean on a daily basis. To keep your faucets from spotting, wipe them with a dry towel after each use.