They say clothes don't make the man, but few people are seen without them. Clothes do make the man able to walk out in public without causing a stir, but they also say something about the personality of the man or woman who is wearing those clothes. If you want to appear practical, eco-savvy and smart, then you'll find a way to make your clothing last. Here's how.

1. Dry your clothes on low. Not only will this save energy, but it also extends the life of your clothing.

2. Sew up holes ASAP. A little hole isn't such a big deal, but a little hole will become a big hole. Sewing up holes in your clothing will extend the life of your clothing.

3. Save your buttons. Save every single button that you find. If you shirt comes with an extra button save it. If some pants are so ragged that they cannot be reused, snag the button(s). This way, if you lose a button, there is a good chance that you'll have a matching button on hand.

4. Wash clothes in cold water. This also saves energy. Most clothes wash just fine in cold water. Clothes hold up better this way.

5. Zip up your zippers before washing. You know how chickens eat gravel to digest food in their gizzards? Well, washing an unzipped zipper is kind of like gravel in a chicken`s gizzard. Those zippers will flap around the washer and dryer, tearing at your other clothes.

6. Wash your clothes less often. We Americans love being over cleanly. This tip may not go over well in the States. You don't need to wash your clothes just because you wore it once. Give it a sniff test and wear it again. It's not gross. It's smart.

7. Cut out tags. Don't tear. I hate those little labels in shirts. They tickle my neck. Don't pull the label out. Gently cut it out with scissors. You can cause a hole if you yank.

8. Use a front-loading washing machine. Front loaders are gentler than top loaders. They are also more expensive.