Cleaning Electronics

Cleaning electronics doesn't just make them look sharper, it can also help them last longer. Dust and dirt are among electronics' worst enemies and your gadgets will thank you for protecting them from harm.

The Cinephile's Guide to Cleaning Plasma Screens

The images on a brand new plasma screen television can be breathtaking, especially for movie lovers. But dust and smudges can get in the way of those sharp images. How do you make those remastered, special edition DVDs shine on your plasma screen?

How to Clean a DVD

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How to Clean a Flat Screen TV

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How to Clean a DVD Player

Your DVD player provides you with countless hours of entertainment, so all we ask is that you devote a few minutes to cleaning it every now and then. If that seems like a pretty even trade, read on to learn the best care for your DVD player. See more »

How to Clean Video Games and Video Game Consoles

It's all fun and games until your game system malfunctions. Why stare at a frozen screen in disbelief when you can prevent mishaps with regular cleaning? Here's how to keep things in working order. See more »

The Music Snob's Guide to Cleaning Your MP3 Player

For a lot of people, music is what feeds their soul. And these days, most music can be found on MP3 players. But how do you keep your player clean and your music in tact? That's easy. See more »

How to Clean a VCR

If you're a movie buff that can't bear to part with an old-school videotape collection, then you've probably got a VCR somewhere in your house. But to keep those tapes in good condition, you'll need to clean your player -- the right way. See more »

Work Harder, Work Smarter: 5 Office Cleaning Tips

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How to Clean a Printer

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How to Clean a Digital Camera

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It's Germier Than Your Toilet: Clean Your Keyboard NOW

With as much time as you spend at your computer, it should come as no surprise that it's covered in germs. So what's the best way to clean your keyboard and keep it sanitary? See more »