By Trevor Reichman

On Wa$ted, one couple was wasting thousands of wire hangers by cleaning all their clothes exclusively at the dry-cleaners. By doing their own laundry instead, they were able to not only save thousands of wire hangers, they were also able to save thousands of metal quarters as well.

If you don't have the space or the cash to purchase an efficient washer or dryer, a community laundromat is a smart alternative.

Community laundromats are like mass transit for washing clothes, where fewer machines are needed to service the needs of more people. Modern laundromats, with new front-loading water and energy saving machines, are popping up everywhere these days. It is a viable alternative to spending up to a couple of grand for your own energy star rated machines.

Yes, there are still the seedy, cockroach filled laundry rooms if you are into that. They may be cheaper, if the machines don't swallow your coins because you aren't hip to which ones work. But they are steadily being replaced with brightly lit, ultra modern facilities that offer wifi, TV, and even lounges for getting work done while you wait.

Some Laundromats take the eco aspect to a new level, such as ECO-WISE in Austin, TX.

Take it a step further by hauling your laundry on a bicycle trailer or taking it on the bus.

Or if traveling by car, save time and energy by waiting until you have three or four loads to do. Having multiple machines available means that you only have to wait the length of one load instead of dedicating an entire afternoon to the endeavor.

And for those items that must only be dry cleaned, return them wires!