Find 21 New Uses for Old Tennis Balls

Just because your old tennis ball has lost its bounce, doesn't mean it can't serve up an extra use or two. Here are some suggestions for another winning stroke:

1. Use them as dog toys, or, if you have one too many tennis balls, donate them to other playful pups at the local animal shelter

2. Donate them to a senior center or assisted-living facility-tennis balls make great skid stoppers on the legs of walkers

3. Ask your local schools if they need tennis balls for padding desk and chair legs to reduce wear and tear on the floors

4. Give yourself a DIY back massage5. Use on the metal end of a hammer (pop it through by cutting a "X" in the tennis ball) for softer hammering on more delicate materials

6. Cut one in half and use to open stubborn jars

7. Use as a cover for protecting your trailer hitch

8. Hang one up to use as batting practice

9. Use as arm weights by cutting slits into a couple of balls and filling them with sand or pennies

10. Fluff up laundry by throwing a couple into your clothes dryer 11. Use to clean black scuff marks, from any hard-surface floor, by cutting a hole in the ball and staking it with an old broom handle 12. Use on top of sharp garden stakes if you're an accident-prone gardener 13. Stick one on top of your car antenna to locate your vehicle quickly in a parking lot 14. Massage the bottom of your foot 15. Hang from the ceiling of the garage to help you tell where the wall is when you're backing up the car 16. Make a curved sander for refinishing furniture by wrapping a ball in sandpaper 17. Float two or three in your swimming pool to absorb body oils. (Replace every few weeks) 18. Stick on the end of a bicycle kickstand to prevent it from sinking into the mud or grass 19. Stick one on the end of a pole to remove cobwebs and dust from ceiling corners 20. Child-proof spiky points around the house 21. Cut in half and fill with beer to make a slug trap in the garden Any other Grand Slam-winning ideas? Let us know in the comments. Difficulty level: Easy