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The Bedroom

Make it easy for your child to find his or her favorite blanky.
Make it easy for your child to find his or her favorite blanky.

Kids Rooms

  • Setting limits for kids helps them learn about values. If you set a limit to the number of toys they can keep around, they will learn about priorities and what is really important to them.
  • Trying a "Clean Sweep" of your own? Get the whole family involved. A large project tackled alone can be frustrating, but many hands make a big project go faster. It's also a great way to work together to make your house a better space for everyone.
  • Kids pattern what they see, not what they're told. It's up to parents to set limits for how many toys can fit in a one room. As they children get older, they'll apply those lessons to other areas of their lives.
  • A good way to get your kids to take responsibility for organizing their toys is to assign them bins labeled with their names and to keep those bins in a place they can access. In time, your kids will develop good organizational habits just like you!
  • Hanging chairs in a playroom are fun and make cleaning up easier. Just make sure to mount them in ceiling joists so they'll support your weight without crashing to the ground.
  • Keep children's books on lower shelves so they can get them out and put them away on their own. You're never too young to be organized.
  • Having two kids share a room can be hard on organization. Make a game out of putting away toys and clothes, and kids will learn this important skill early.
  • Kids are important, but if their clutter is starting to affect your relationship, then it may be time to take a step back and put yourself first. Then you can be in a better place to take care of your children.

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