Woman searching through purse.

Does everything seem to get lost in your purse as though it's a black hole? These tips will help you get organized.

Daly and Newton /The Image Bank/Getty Images

Have you weighed your purse lately? Do you have any concept of just how many pounds you're carrying on your shoulder every day? The American Chiropractic Association suggests keeping the weight of your purse less than three pounds (1.4 kg) to prevent improper balance and help you maintain healthy posture [source: American Chiropractic Association]. If you have to dig through a dozen lipsticks, a mountain of loose change, two rings of keys, receipts and an overstuffed wallet to get to that debit card, it's quite likely your purse weighs more than three pounds. And it's even more certain that you need a bit of organizational magic applied to your handbag [source: Good Housekeeping].

In addition to having good posture, organizing your handbag can have other health benefits -- and not just because you'll be able to find your aspirin quicker. An organized life is a good way to keep your overall stress level down -- you'll feel more in control and spend less time and energy trying to find things [source: Tips for Panic Attacks]. Stress, in turn, can cause a number of health problems including headaches, neck and back pain and immune system problems [source: WebMD].

Just imagine all the time and energy you spend each day digging around in your purse in search of items. Now multiply that by 365. How many minutes, or even days, do you spend per year searching through your purse? Now compare that with the hour or so you'll spend organizing your purse.

Read on to learn how to organize your purse and the many organizational products available to help you.