Mark Harwood/Getty Images


I used to do a somewhat quirky thing, but I swear, it is green: I labeled my important stuff. Up until recently, I placed a small label on all of my un-losable items including my name and a number where I could be reached if the given item were to be found. I always made these labels by hand, with just a bit of scrap paper and clear tape.

This may sound utterly ridiculous to you, but believe it or not, I got my lost items back more often than not. Sure, sure, I have a habit of losing things, but with that handy little label on so many of my items, I have rarely had to replace the things I've lost.

Recently, however, I got a new wallet and neglected to adhere my oh-so-handy label to the wallet. So, of course, I lost the wallet last week and have not had it returned.

Among other things, especially incredible inconvenience, this means that I have to go out and do a whole lot of replacing. I have to replace my wallet itself and the cards that were in it. Having to buy new items because the old ones were lost isn't exactly the most eco-friendly thing out there to do.

If you have a habit of losing things, do yourself a favor and label your items. You'd be surprised how many people there are out there with good hearts who will eagerly return your item to you.

At the end of the day, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble and money. On top of that, you'll spare our planet the resources and pollution involved in the production of new items.