If he's this gung ho over vacuuming, imagine the possibilities with a kid-safe window cleaner!


Are Most Cleaning Products Safe for Kids to Handle?

If you've ever cleaned a stall shower, you know that most commercial cleaners are not particularly pleasant to inhale. And if you don't much enjoy breathing, touching, smelling or being anywhere near it, it's probably not safe for your child.

Household cleaners in general can be pretty harsh. It could be the ammonia, chlorine, ethylene glycol, bleach, butyl cellusolve or ortho phenylphenol, depending on what you're washing. So if your little one is dying to help, try one of these alternatives:

  • Baking soda -- Deodorizing, scratch-free scouring (bathtub, bathroom tile); make paste with water
  • Olive oil -- Wood polish
  • Microfiber cloth -- Glass, dusting
  • Vinegar or lemon juice -- Cuts through grime, disinfects (great for kitchen and bathroom); dilute with water
  • Toothpaste -- Polishes metal fixtures

Each of these natural, nontoxic and cheap cleaners is great on its own and safe for the kiddies (always, of course, with instruction). They can also be safe, excellent all-purpose cleaners you and your helper can use all over the house.

Especially if you know how to combine them...