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Smoking in public was banned in New York City years ago. I guess the rule has been in place long enough now that some bars and restaurants no longer care about it, though. It seems as though I am more and more often finding public places these days that are embracing cigarette smoking in New York City; even if in the basement of a bar. While it's annoying, conceptually, it still is a reality. What really irks me the most about smoking becoming more accepted on an under-the-radar basis in New York is that I've gotten used to my clothes not smelling like cigarette smoke, but I can't keep that up anymore. Should I wander into a public place, or a private place, where cigarette smoking is welcomed, I have to deal with working to remove the odor from my clothing.

Luckily for all of us, there are ways to remove cigarette odor that don't require heavy laundering or expensive product-buying.

1. Fill your bath with hot water. Just an inch of water or so should do the trick.

2. Add four cups of vinegar to the bath.

3. Hang your smoky clothing above the bath.

4. Shut the door to the bathroom. This will allow for steam to develop and linger.

5. Let the steam do its work! Steam from vinegar water has long been shown to remove odors, like smoke, from clothing.

The fact of the matter: it seems as though cigarette smoke just might be around no matter what kind of legislation is passed. If you don't like the way it makes your clothes smell though, don't feel helpless. Vinegar is an easy way to remove cigarette odor.