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Ah, silk. What a luxurious fabric...one that we should make last as long as possible. It's biodegradable. It's made from a renewable resource and it feels awesome on the skin. However, there are some eco-concerns that tag along with silk use. For instance, vegans normally don't wear silk because it is an animal product and since it is mostly made in Asia and India, it can't exactly be considered a local product for those of us in America or Europe. But if the pros outweigh the cons for you in respect to silk, you should enjoy wearing it when you can.

Enjoying a fabric like silk isn't enough, though. You need to be consciously aware of how to preserve a precious fabric like this. If you've got silk garments lying around that you'd like to see last as long as possible, follow these tips:

1. Wash with cold water and a mild soap. A handmade eco-friendly soap is best.

2. Silk is weaker when wet. Keep this in mind.

3. Don't use bleach products with your silk.

4. Mix white vinegar in with the water when washing silk if you need to remove stains.

5. Never dry silk in a dryer. Roll it up in a towel and press the water out.

6. Never iron silk when fully dry. Instead, iron your silk when it's just a bit damp.

Although the greenness of silk is debatable, the importance of taking care of your silk is not. Take care of your silk and be more eco-friendly in the process!