Sure, we know that baking soda is a great multitasker, unclogging drains, cleaning up grease spills, and curing indigestion (not to mention fluffing up cakes and cookies!). But, in true multitasker form, these are just the tip of baking soda's functional iceberg.

A solution of hot water and baking soda (one quart water to about 1/4 cup baking soda) will take the paint right off old hardware encrusted with paint, according to Apartment Therapy. Your best bet is to remove the hardware, if you can, and boil it in the solution for 10 or 15 minutes, and then just wipe it clean. If the idea of boiling your hardware makes you nervous, soak it in the solution for a couple of hours, instead; if you can't take the hardware down, soaking a rag in the solution and draping it over the targeted piece will work, too, though it'll take a bit longer.Baking soda also makes a great shampoo, according to Living Small; not only does it work great, but it keeps whatever chemicals your shampoo currently contains out of the drain and the wastewater system, but you also don't have to toss (or recycle) any more plastic shampoo bottles, and, perhaps most importantly, it helps foster healthier hair. Interesting.

So, from the kitchen, to the the work room, to the bathroom, there isn't much that baking soda won't do. How do you multitask with your baking soda?

Difficulty level: Easy

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