Find a Place to Hide
Bushes by front door

Large bushes by the front door give thieves plenty of hiding room.


Even with the brightest of lights, full-grown shrubbery and thick trees near houses conceal stealthy burglars. Tall, dense greenery near home allows burglars to remain hidden for as long as it takes to focus on opening windows or doors despite, or perhaps because of, the sense of security offered by the lights.

Such dense flora also provides burglars with secret places to wait. If burglars identify regular family departure times, they can take cover in the greenery and wait as the sound of the car engine fades in the distance, and then begin their nefarious work.

It's best to keep shrubs trimmed no higher than the bottom of window sills. This way, burglars have less room to hide, and will seek other, less visible, opportunities.