Men with delivery van

Burglars posing as delivery or moving professionals can convince neighbors that they're on the level.


Determined burglars may use ruses to gain entry into homes that promise of big pay-outs. They may be setting up to steal immediately or to scout the premises for later by pretending to be a utility employee, the cable installer or even a police officer. Homeowners should ask for identification, and then call the company or agency to verify that the visit is official. (Use the number listed on your bill; don't trust a number the visitor provides. Their cousin could be the one answering the phone.)

A common ruse is posing as delivery or moving companies. This is highly effective, since most neighbors will not question a large van in the driveway with uniformed workers carrying contents from the house. Alert stay-at-home neighbors that you'll never have a van at your home unless you've informed them first. The neighbor who spots such a van can call you or the police right away.