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Repair Your Christmas Lights

Repair Your Christmas Lights
Repair Your Christmas Lights

Part of the Planet Green mantra goes something like "'Tis better to fix and reuse than to throw away." This goes for just about everything in your life, but it can be especially meaningful during the holiday season, which is typically marked by raging excess and unchecked consumption.

This is especially true of holiday decorations, like the ubiquitous strings of lights, which you buy, use once, put away for a year, then pull out of the box only to discover that they don't work any more. Thankfully, at a site called Cyphers by Ritter, there are very thorough instructions for fixing busted strings of LED lights and the more traditional (but more energy-intensive) incandescent bulbs. Read them and repeat after us: "Don't despair, repair...don't despair, repair..."

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Difficulty level: Moderate

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