Home Office

A home office should suit your needs, be based on plans and include workspaces that make sense. Learn how to plan, outfit and maintain a home office.

How Photocopiers Work

Most of us don't think about what's going on inside a copier while we wait for it to shoot out the copies. Find out how, in mere seconds, you can produce an exact replica of what's on a sheet of paper!

Top 5 Ways to Make My Office More Sustainable

Whether we like to admit it or not, much of our lives are spent at the office. While we're there, Can improve overall quality of life and reduce our carbon footprint just as we do when we're at home?

Organizing Your Home Office

If you work from home, it's good to have a home office -- one that's organized, comfortable and separated somehow from your living space. So where do you start?

A sturdy desk and comfortable chair are basic home office furniture and can be bought secondhand. Learn about what type of home office furniture to buy from this article.

What are some telecommuting security concerns?

Although telecommuting has become very popular, it does have security risks. Learn about some telecommuting security concerns from this article.

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Should you consider telecommuting?

Telecommuting will save you time and money, and it’s good for the environment and for your health. Learn whether you should consider telecommuting in this article.

Should you make your office paperless?

With all the technology now available, it's possible to create and store almost all the documents you need without using any paper. Find out how to make a (nearly) paperless office in this article.