Home Styles

Home styles include prefab houses, houseboats, historic district homes and more. Learn all about various home styles and find out which type fits you best.

How Tiny Houses Work

Imagine living in a 10 by 7 ft home for more than five years, by choice. While the thought of willingly giving up extra square footage might be inconceivable to many, there's a new movement of people choosing small spaces over larger dwellings.

Touring the False Facades of New York City

They blend right into their neighborhoods, but hidden inside are systems integral to maintaining a city.

10 Big Questions About Tiny Houses

Thinking about moving to a tiny house but not sure you'll love it? Or maybe you're just wondering what all the hype is about. We've got answers to all your questions.

Living Large After the Apocalypse

This 12-bedroom Georgia bunker could help you adjust to life after the apocalypse. It also has 12 bathrooms and a weapons room, among other amenities. Interested?

10 Homes of the Future ... Today

Is this surreal, modern design your idea of a futuristic home? While some look like this, others would surprise you. We scope out 10 that you might want to live in today.

Futuristic Architecture Pictures

While most '50s and '60s imaginings of future architecture didn't pan out, there are some futuristic-looking modern buildings that fit the bill. We'll show you some amazing examples of "future-tecture" in this gallery.

Image Gallery: Incredible Homes of the Future

Houses today are built by construction crews and can take months. In the future, houses could be built in a day by robotic technology. Check out our Incredible Homes of the Future pictures!

What will homes look like in 50 to 100 years?

Fifty years ago, people's concept of "homes of the future" was something like this, a far cry from how modern homes really turned out. So will future homes finally meet our wildest futuristic expectations? We make our own predictions in this article.

How will the future of architecture change the way we live?

As much as we'd all love to hang our hats in Jetsons-style bubble homes in the future, it's likely that future domiciles will be more practical than fantastical.

10 Design Flaws in the Average Home

Just about everyone's home has something that could be improved. But sometimes we make choices for our homes that aren't exactly the best idea. What flaws are common in the typical house?

Awesome Architecture Image Gallery

From the Taj Mahal to the Leaning Tower of Pisa to Fallingwater, flip through these beautiful examples of architecture.