Professional landscaping requires creativity, a sense of design and a lot of knowledge on plants, soil and irrigation. Professional landscaping involves manual labor, but the landscape design and the landscape architecture are the major components.
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  • Alternative Professional Landscaping Methods

We've all seen an overgrown, ugly, garbage-filled, vacant city lot at some point in our lives. These hulking eyesores can make the loveliest of neighborhoods look unkempt and even unsafe. But it's nothing a little urban landscape design can't fix.

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What's the most low-maintenance way to landscape?

Backyard maintenance can be time-consuming, back-breaking work. Believe it not, you can save yourself lots of time and energy with a little study and some planning.

How to Landscape with Different Soil Types

If after a heavy rain, your yard holds enough water for Noah to float his ark, maybe it's time for some landscaping. Paying attention to your yard's soil type, as well as the plants and erosion within it, is important when planning a landscape.

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