Alternative professional landscaping methods have moved away from traditional landscaping practices. Green landscaping, xeriscaping and using landscape design software have all become popular landscaping methods of late.

What's urban permaculture?

By using urban permaculture design principles we can help create a more sustainable lifestyle. Learn more about urban permaculture in this article.

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  • 10 Cheap Ways to Landscape

    10 Cheap Ways to Landscape

    Some home and garden experts recommend spending between 5 and 15 percent of your home's value to landscape your yard. Well, we've got 10 tips to keep your landscaping budget in check -- and to ensure a lush, lively lawn. See more »

  • 10 Stones to Use in Your Hardscape

    10 Stones to Use in Your Hardscape

    An outdoor fireplace, a decorative gravel path or a charmingly rugged stone wall can dramatically change a backyard. We have 10 of some of the most popular stones you can use in your hardscape. See more »

  • 10 Unexpected Garden Decorations

    10 Unexpected Garden Decorations

    Garden decor is one of those areas where beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The fiercely trimmed lawns and clipped hedges of the 1950s have given way to a new interpretation of the garden as an area for self-expression. See more »

  • How Aeroponics Works

    How Aeroponics Works

    Aeroponics is a deceptively simple growing method that uses very little water and no soil. As counterintuitive as that may seem, aeroponics has yielded more crops in less space and in less time than traditional methods. See more »

  • How Agroforestry Works

    How Agroforestry Works

    The green movement is becoming more and more popular, gaining momentum daily. And there are many popular systems and programs that can help restore some of Earth's depleted resources. Agroforestry is one practice that does just that. See more »

  • How Aquaponics Works

    How Aquaponics Works

    When fish live in tanks, their waste builds up in the water. But what is one living thing's sewage is another living thing's savory meal. Can crops be cultivated on fish feces? See more »

  • How Green Landscaping Works

    How Green Landscaping Works

    Green landscaping is an alternative method of creating an attractive lawn or yard without using hazardous chemicals. In addition, green landscaping introduces water- and energy-saving methods to your lawn maintenance routine. See more »

  • How Greenhouses Work

    How Greenhouses Work

    Reproducing plants out of season gave man a measure of control over nature. The allure of it sparked the imagination and inspired new methods for building structures devoted to plants. So how do greenhouses work? See more »

  • How Hardscaping Works

    How Hardscaping Works

    Imagine you're in a garden with a verdant ground that is punctuated by flowers and two pebble paths. When delicate flowers intersect with inanimate, structural objects, there are hardscaping design principles at work See more »

  • How Hydroponics Works

    How Hydroponics Works

    As the population of our planet soars and arable land declines, hydroponics will allow us to produce crops in greenhouses or in multilevel buildings dedicated to agriculture. How else will hydroponics save plant populations? See more »

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