Professional landscaping basics include topics such as landscape design, designing irrigation systems and using pesticides properly. These professional landscaping basics provide great information for people looking to become landscapers.

What types of perennial plants thrive in the Midwest?

To thrive in the Midwest, perennials need to survive the winter. Learn more about the hardy plants that can bring year-round beauty to your Midwestern garden in this article.

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  • 10 Perennials for the Northeast

    10 Perennials for the Northeast

    Gardening in the Northeastern United States presents its own unique set of challenges. These obstacles can be especially troublesome when trying to plant perennials, or plants that have to survive the long winters and renew themselves every year. See more »

  • 5 Annuals for the Northeast

    5 Annuals for the Northeast

    Following the last frost, the Northeast has a climate that's agreeable to a number of beautiful annuals. The most popular of these will come as no surprise to those who spend a good amount of time in their gardens. See more »

  • 5 Ways to Make a Garden Look Larger

    5 Ways to Make a Garden Look Larger

    You could find the perfect plant or tree to make your garden look larger. However, you might be surprised to find your problem isn't your landscaper. It's your brain. See more »

  • How Arborists Work

    How Arborists Work

    Trees are an important part of the Earth's ecosystem, and they do a lot for people. So what kind of people take care of trees? Arborists are a tree's best friend. See more »

  • How do landscapers analyze sites?

    How do landscapers analyze sites?

    If you're trying to improve your property, you may cringe at the thought of anything as complicated as a landscape analysis. Can't you just plant some flowers and be done with it? Why start with a landscape analysis? Find out. See more »

  • How Irrigation Lines Work

    How Irrigation Lines Work

    Irrigation lines can bring your farm or garden alive, but you may have to troubleshoot a few problems along the way. What do you do if compacted soil, coyotes or cold weather messes up your system? See more »

  • How Landscape Irrigation Works

    How Landscape Irrigation Works

    Are you tired of lugging multiple hoses around your yard to keep grass, flowers and shrubs green? Irrigation systems can save time and water but professional installations can be costly. Fortunately, it is possible to do the installation yourself. See more »

  • How Landscape Restoration Works

    How Landscape Restoration Works

    Everyday we hear about the problems the world faces. War, famine, disease - and the list doesn't end there. Every year, roughly 13 millions hectares of land is deforested and turned into parking lots and roads. So what can we do about it now? See more »

  • How Landscaping Principles Work

    How Landscaping Principles Work

    Looking out at your neighbor's lawns and gardens you find yourself suffering a healthy dose of landscape envy. All isn't lost -- it's still possible for you to have an enviable garden of your own. See more »

  • How Lawn Tillers Work

    How Lawn Tillers Work

    A green lawn is a nice place to sip iced tea, relax in a hammock, bird watch. But to get to that magazine-worthy turf, you first need to till the soil. Here's how. See more »

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