Annual garden care and planning is fun and simple. Learn a few easy tips on planning and caring for your annual garden.

How to Care For Mums

You'd like to plant some mums in your garden, but are not sure how to care for them.

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  • 5 Ways to Garden in Winter

    5 Ways to Garden in Winter

    One traditionally pictures a winter garden as stark and bleak, banked with snow and leaves. Just under the surface, however, a winter garden can teem with life. See more »

  • Can you grow a spring garden? Test your green-thumb knowledge!

    Can you grow a spring garden? Test your green-thumb knowledge!

    The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and your garden is still a bare expanse of dirt. Shouldn't you be outside with some plants and a trowel? Oh well. While we've got you at the computer, take our spring planting quiz! See more »

  • How can you recycle water for your outdoor garden?

    How can you recycle water for your outdoor garden?

    It'll save you money and help the environment. How can you grab water from your roof and your washing machine and use it to hydrate your plants? See more »

  • Annuals Garden Design

    Annuals Garden Design

    Annuals grow quickly and fill your garden with blossoms from spring until fall. Make the most of their bright blooms by carefully laying out your garden. Learn how to design an annuals garden. See more »

  • Floriography


    Floriography, or the language of flowers, stems from the coded messages of the Victorian era that facilitated the exchange of feelings among the simply unpoetic or those who were forbidden to verbally communicate their passions. See more »

  • Garden Care: Annuals

    Garden Care: Annuals

    With proper care, your garden annuals can grow and thrive. You can also protect them from certain pests and diseases, to which annuals can be more susceptible. Learn how to care for your garden annuals. See more »

  • How to Plant an Annuals Garden

    How to Plant an Annuals Garden

    No matter what you decide to grow in your garden, you'll need to create a plan to ensure you select plants that will thrive in your climate and soil. Learn about planting an annuals garden. See more »

  • Tips for Growing Annuals and Biennials

    Tips for Growing Annuals and Biennials

    Include annuals and biennials in your garden and you'll always have a bounty of blossoms. Check out tips for choosing and growing annuals and biennials, garden design ideas, and tips for working with stem cuttings. See more »

  • Uses for Annuals

    Uses for Annuals

    Annual plants fill your landscape with color and fragrance, adorn your vases with bouquets, and provide a harvest of vegetables and herbs. Learn about the many ways to use annual plants. See more »

  • Vining Annuals

    Vining Annuals

    Climbing plants are ideal for landscaping because their eventual heights and widths are determined by the structures on which they are grown. Learn about vining plants you can use to enhance your landscaping. See more »

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