dwarf tree

Don't have room for a large fruit tree? Having a dwarf one is the perfect solution.


  • Dwarf Fruit Tree
  • Clay pot - to fit fruit tree
  • Potting Soil
  • Pete Moss
  • BucketĀ  of Water
  • Broken pottery pieces
  1. Wet down clay pot - to keep pot from drying out soil.
  2. Place broken pottery pieces in bottom of pot - to make drainage efficient.
  3. Place pot in area that gets plenty of sunlight.
  4. Fill pot halfway with potting soil.
  5. Plant dwarf fruit tree in pot at level it was in original container.
  6. Fill rest of pot with potting soil.
  7. Dip pete moss into bucket of water, squeeze out excess water.
  8. Place pete moss on top of soil around fruit tree.
  9. Water everyday.