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Privacy Hedge

A privacy hedge shields your yard from nosy neighbors.
A privacy hedge shields your yard from nosy neighbors.


  • Evergreen hedge plants
  • Amended Soil
  • Rounded Spade
  • Tape measure


  1. Place your Evergreens where they are to be planted.   Measure and make sure plants are one foot away from each other.  When plants are fully grown, this spacing will make for very private yard.
  2. Use rounded spade to dig hole for Evergreen. 
  3. Place amended soil in bottom of hole.
  4. Take Evergreen out of original container.  Turn on it's side and open up the root system by gently separating the bottom with your hands.
  5. Place Evergreen in hole,  nice and straight, and at same level it was in original container.
  6. Fill in rest of hole with mixture of amended soil and native soil.
  7. Tamp the soil down by stomping with your feet all the way around the base of the Evergreen.  This will get rid of any air pockets.
  8. Water everyday.

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