10065 -- New York, N.Y.

A stroll through Central Park could be part of your daily routine if you live here.

Design Pics / Colleen Cahill/Thinkstock

Part of Manhattan's Upper East Side, 10065 wasn't a ZIP code until the U.S. Postal Service created it in 2007, along with 10075. Both were carved out of the posh 10021 ZIP, long considered the most elite locale in New York [source: Roberts]. At the time, some residents feared losing the status of 10021 with the shift [source: Shapiro]. Maybe that's seen in a different light as 10065 is even higher in the rankings than the older ZIP.

This southernmost part of the Upper East Side stretches from Fifth Avenue at Central Park to the west, where the most expensive homes are, to the East River and Lenox Hill, "The Other East Side" [source: Cohen]. Lenox Hill is home to Rockefeller University, one of the world's most prestigious universities and home to 23 Nobel Prize-winning faculty members since 1912 [source: Rockefeller University]. You'll need $3.6 million to purchase a median-priced home here [source: Forbes].