Great Hans Lollik Island, U.S. Virgin Islands
Great Hans Lollik Island

Great Hans Lollik Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands is currently undeveloped and uninhabited.

Creative Commons By Sreejithk2000

Great Hans Lollik Island sits just 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) north of St. Thomas in the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands. This 510-acre (206-hectare) paradise features white sand beaches, clear turquoise waters and lush palm forests, as well as spectacular 360-degree views from elevations as high as 713 feet (217.3 meters) [source: Dookhan].

As of February 2011, Great Hans Lollik Island was on the market for an asking price of $45 million. That's a mere $193,255 a month for 30 years, with 20 percent down and a 5 percent fixed interest rate [source: Luxuryrealestate.com]. The island is currently undeveloped and uninhabited, although its zoning would permit the construction of a small resort and up to 150 private residences, as well as independent utilities and a heliport [source: Private Islands Online]. What more could you possibly need?