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10 Tech Tools to Use When Buying a House

9 offers tools to both real estate professionals and homeowners. offers tools to both real estate professionals and homeowners.

Zillow is one of many real estate sites that offer free search and other tools for home buyers, sellers or prospective renters. And it's hugely popular: Zillow is the most-visited real estate site on the Web, according to Alexa's traffic rankings in November 2010 [source: Alexa]. It even offers tools to real estate professionals or homeowners who want to know how much their houses are worth.

In addition to a wealth of search and sorting options like size, price, and for sale by agent or owner, users can customize e-mail updates to notify them when new homes are added that match their desired criteria. Other real estate tools are also well-represented: The mortgage section includes up-to-date mortgage rates and a mortgage calculator. And because Zillow is such a heavily visited real estate site, its FAQs and discussion sections bring together users who can give and receive helpful advice [source: Zillow].

Zillow even offers a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android and Windows mobile smart phone platforms. The apps pull in Google Maps data and search Zillow's listings by voice, GPS or text input. Each property displayed on the map is clickable to view listing data and images.

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