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Living with another person can be grating sometimes. It seems like everyone I live with makes me do the dishes. Even if we agree that we will share the task, I’m always the one who does them. I’ve accepted my fate as the household dishwasher with much bitterness and resentment in my heart. I choke down my bile and rage with the hope of one day owning an automatic dishwasher. I pray that day will come soon. I’m just kidding, a little.

Having a roommate is a lot better for the environment than living alone. Energy is saved per capita when two people or three people share a house. If you plan on sharing your space for quite some time, then you’ll want to pick someone who isn’t hard to live with, someone who you can stand to see everyday.

Living With Friends:

It’s usually a bad idea to live with a friend. It changes the nature of the relationship. If you do live with a friend, it’s good to set down some ground rules. Set up some emotional, financial and physical boundaries, and you might be able to pull it off.

The Money Thing:

Everyone likes to act as if money doesn’t mean anything, but it will make or break a successful roommateship. The important thing is to find someone with a steady source of income. You don't want no scrubs. You should also run a credit and criminal check on any prospective roomies.

Finding a Personality Match

There are several things to consider, personality-wise, when looking for a roommate. Do you smoke? Do you like to party? Are you allergic to cats? Let’s say that you are a vegetarian. You take on a roommate who is a butcher or, perhaps, a trapper. Can you deal with this? Can you live with a roommate who brings home the pelts of beavers and fox? If not, you’d better screen out butchers, trappers and possibly meat-eaters. What other behaviors will drive you batty? Figure out what you can and cannot stand in a roommate. Write these things down and come up with a quiz. Make prospective tenants fill out the quiz.

Use A Roommate Matching Service

If you don’t want to do all the work of determining who will make a decent roommate, you can find a [url='']service to do it for you. is one of those services.

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