Difficult Things to Move
Man checking out heavy duty moving container.

Certain items, such as pianos and TVs, are especially difficult to move.

Stefanie White/Photodisc/Getty Images

Moving hurts. Bending down to pick up boxes, lugging mattresses and carrying recliners and loveseats is backbreaking work. By the end of a long day of moving your things, your muscles will ache. You've had a workout and you're ready for an ice cold beverage and a cushy spot on the couch.

But beyond the cardboard boxes of books and plates, and the various weighty furniture pieces, are certain items that are especially difficult to move -- almost impossible. They're so challenging that they require preparation, tender loving care and maybe even the help of a specialized moving professional. Which belongings are the most difficult to move from one abode to another? Find out on the next five pages.