Don't Pay For Packing Supplies
packing supplies

You can get all of your moving boxes for free from package and grocery stores.


Moving is a lot of work and, even if you're moving to a more affordable place, it can really drain your wallet. So why pay for moving supplies that you can get for free? Have you estimated the number of boxes you will need for your belongings? Well, multiply that number by 20 percent, just to be safe, and start hitting up your local appliance or department stores. You might try your local grocery or package store as well, but avoid boxes that carried frozen foods or produce as they may have water damage or food stains. Ask someone when the store expects shipments. They may even volunteer to set some boxes and packing paper aside for you. After a few trips to the right store, you'll have all of the boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap you need without the high price tag. And as you're unpacking your boxes in your new home, be sure to flatten out each piece of packing paper to ensure you find every little piece, especially if you had help packing boxes.