Bedroom with light blue walls

Light shades of blue can have a soothing effect and are perfect in a bedroom.


Some rooms of a house are reserved for reflection, quiet contemplation and rest. Every home has a bedroom, study or child's room where the decor should create a cool, soothing environment. To bring about the best in these rooms of your house, consider using a shade of blue to enhance the mood.

Blue, especially in its lighter shades, has a strong soothing effect on many people. It brings to mind images of clear, still days or the vast, meditative expanse of sky over the seashore. Blue walls in a room that gets a lot of natural light can take visitors back to a favorite beach or ski trip, and this pleasant experience can affect their impression of the entire room.

Dark blue can provide a regal, sophisticated feel when used as an accent wall color, but use caution when trying that effect in a home you're selling. A deep blue can turn off some visitors as being too dark and ominous. For the home sale, stick with lighter blues, and use them to tone down overly bright rooms with a soothing, cooling effect [source: Demesne].