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Planning a Bulb Garden

Bulb gardens are a wonderful off-season alternative for home gardeners. Learn about these unique gardens in this article.

Planting Bulbs

While other plants are asleep, bulbs bloom with color and beauty. Check out this article for advice on planting bulbs in your garden.

Perennial Bulbs

Perennial bulbs come in three major categories: true bulbs, corms, and tubers. Find out about perennial bulbs, spring planting, and sowing methods.

Tips for Growing Bulbs

For colorful flowers that come back year after year, bulbs can’t be beat. Learn more about these unique, beautiful plants.

Garden Types

There's a different garden type for everyone. Learn about the different garden types, including rock gardens and rose gardens at HowStuffWorks.

Rock Garden Ideas

A rock garden can blend beautifully with your garden ideas. Find dazzling ideas and rock garden photos in this article.

Famous Gardens Pictures

Famous garden pictures take you from Versailles to Central Park. Check out these famous garden pictures at HowStuffWorks.

Gardening Tips

Take good care of your garden, and it will reward you with brighter blooms and a bigger harvest. Find tips for all gardening aspects at HowStuffWorks.

What You Need to Do Now to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Does your garden needs a bit of tending before it's ready for its springtime debut? Check out what you need to do now to get your garden ready for spring.

English Country Garden Ideas

Balance formal and informal in your garden and create a spot of English countryside. Use our garden photos and English country garden ideas to start.

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