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Foliage Garden Ideas

Let leaves take centerstage in a lush, lovely foliage garden -- no flowers need apply. Use our foliage garden ideas and garden photos to get inspired!

Perennial Grasses and Foliage

Perennial grasses and foliage can add interest to your garden. Learn which perennial grasses and foliage to plant in your yard at HowStuffWorks.

Annual Grasses and Foliage

Ornamental grasses and foliage add grace to any garden. Learn about annual grasses and foliage you can use in your garden design at HowStuffWorks.


Salal is a type of foliage house plant often used in flower arrangements. Learn more about this foliage plant and how to care for it.


Myrtle is a type of foliage plant used in flower arrangements. Get more information on this plant, including how to care for it.


Broom foliage originated in the Mediterranean. Lean more about this type of foliage and what it can do for a flower arrangement.

Leatherleaf Fern

The leatherleaf fern is a type of foliage that is available all year around. Read more about this plant and its use in floral arrangements.


Lycopodium is a type of foliage plant found in tropical climates. Learn more about this plant and get tips on using it in cut floral arrangements.


Podocarpus is a type of foliage plant native to China and Japan. Learn more about how to use this foliage plant in flower arrangements.

Annual Plants

Annual plants come in many colors and forms, and can quickly transform a garden. Learn about annual plants and how to choose the right ones for you.

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