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Garden Ideas

Garden ideas can spring up anywhere. Look at gorgeous garden photos to get some great garden ideas for your backyard.

Cottage Garden Ideas

Small backyard? Cottage garden ideas and garden photos offer inspiration for limited garden space. Get inspired at HowStuffWorks.

Habitat Garden Ideas

Attract wildlife, such as butterflies, to your garden by creating a habitat garden. Get ideas with the beautiful garden photos in this article.

Rock Garden Ideas

A rock garden can blend beautifully with your garden ideas. Find dazzling ideas and rock garden photos in this article.

Natural Garden Ideas

Make gardening easier! Choose native plants that thrive in the local climate. Find plants for your yard with natural garden ideas and garden photos.

Foliage Garden Ideas

Let leaves take centerstage in a lush, lovely foliage garden -- no flowers need apply. Use our foliage garden ideas and garden photos to get inspired!

Fragrant Garden Ideas

Delight two senses when you choose fragrant blossoms and foliage for your garden! See scented plants with our garden photos and fragrant garden ideas.

Water Garden Ideas

Enhance your garden with the quiet beauty or stunning majesty of water. Find inspiring water garden ideas and photos in this article.

English Country Garden Ideas

Balance formal and informal in your garden and create a spot of English countryside. Use our garden photos and English country garden ideas to start.

Traditional Shade Garden Ideas

Shade gardens can be as rich and lush as a full-sun garden. Learn about traditional shade garden ideas, and enjoy beautiful photos, in this article.

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