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How Locks Work

This set of articles includes explanations of lockpicking and safecracking, as well as the mechanical workings of many of the most common types of locks.

How Combination Locks Work

Combination locks use wheel packs to set the combination inside the lock. Learn about combination locks and see pictures of the inside of a combination lock.

Inside a Combination Lock

A combination lock is a fairly simple device that provides a high level of security. Take a look at the inside of a combination lock.

How do lock pick guns work?

Lock pick guns work on the same principle as raking a lock by pushing up the pins. Learn how lock pick guns work in this article.

How do you pick a master lock?

To open a lock, the bottom pins must be aligned so they're all below the shear line. Learn how to pick a master lock in this article.

What lock-picking tools do you need to pick a lock?

To pick a lock you'll need some picks (or paper clips) and a tension wrench. Learn what lock-picking tools you need to pick a lock in this article.

What are some repairs that require channel lock pliers?

Since channel lock pliers can be used as pliers, wrenches or clamps, they're versatile tools to have around the house. Learn about some repairs that require channel lock pliers from this article.

How Safecracking Works

Safecracking is a matter of the right tools, the right skills and lots of patience. Learn the ins and outs of safecracking, from lock manipulation to exploding safes.

How does a master key work?

A master key can open many different types of locks. Find out how a master key works.

What's the best way to prevent a thief from entering your home?

To prevent a home invasion, locking your doors with deadbolts should be the first line of defense. Learn about other ways to prevent a home invasion.

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