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Must-have Power Tools

Power tool pictures help you identify the different types power tools. See pictures of power tools and learn what you can use them for.

10 Hand Tools that Have Real Power

You don't need a power outlet to wield power. Find out about 10 hand tools that bring plenty of oomph to your DIY kit.

Is it safe to work with power tools?

Is it safe to use power tools? You can learn more about the safety precautions you should take when using power tools from this article.

10 Power Tools that Need Maintenance

Taking care of your power tools is a must to ensure your tools health. Check out these 10 power tools that need maintenance at HowStuffWorks.

How to Avoid Common Power Tool Accidents

Are you wondering how to avoid common power tool accidents? Check out this article to learn how to avoid common power tool accidents.

Top 10 Green Tools

Some homeowners are opting for green tools to lower their electricity usage and stop stressing the power grid. Learn more about green tools.

Tool Guide

The tool guide gives important information about choosing and using the right tool for the job. Find the tool guide at TLC Home.

Power Drill

A power drill features an electric motor that rotates a drill bit to make a hole. Learn all about this powerful tool here.

Power Saws

Power saws draw electricity from an outlet or a battery, providing cutting speed and strength. Learn about power saws, and selecting one for your job.

Electrical Tools

Testers are used to confirm and measure the flow of electricity through a circuit. Learn about electrical tools that test and clean circuits.

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