Water Gardens

Water gardens are relatively easy to build and maintain, even without a professional landscaper. Learn all about water gardens at HowStuffWorks.

Water Canna

Water canna may not be a true canna, but it is a lovely addition to any water garden and is quite hardy. Learn how to grow and use water canna in your pond or fountain.

How Wall Fountains Work

Wall fountains are popular for adding aesthetic value to a room as well as creating a relaxing atmosphere. But what should you know about them before investing in one for your home?

How Bog Gardens Work

Natural bogs and their surrounding ecosystem can take hundreds of years to form on their own. But if you're a dedicated gardener which a penchant for exotic plants and lots of moss, it's possible to make a bog garden in your backyard.

Sweet Flag

Sweet flag is named for its sweet-smelling leaves, which become even more fragrant when hung and dried. The grassy leaves of this water-loving perennial form an excellent vertical accent for a water garden. Learn more about this water-loving plant.


Crinum is generally a white flower that makes a pretty addition to a water garden. The Crinum genus varies widely, growing in America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Likewise, there are roughly 100 different species of Crinum. Learn more about this flower.

Dwarf Papyrus

Dwarf papyrus grows well in water gardens but also thrives when planted in tubs. The dwarf papyrus produces green, moplike heads on sturdy stalks that reach 1-2 feet above the water. Learn more about this smaller descendant of the giant papyrus.


Water-fringe, also known as yellow floating-heart for its yellow blooms and heart-shaped leaves, grows well in water. The blooms give off the faint scent of almonds. Learn about this lovely plant.

Pickerel Weed

Pickerel weed produces small, dense blue flowers, similar to a hyacinth. An excellent selection for planting in the sun near the margin of a pond, it combines well with other aquatic plants in water gardens. Learn more about this plant.

Common Cattail

Common cattail is an integral part of any water garden. The striking vertical foliage adds natural beauty to any garden aesthetic. Learn to grow and use common cattail in your water garden.


Although eelgrass is grown underwater, it is an attractive plant in its own right. Learn how to use eelgrass to oxygenate your pond, fountain, or water garden.

Floating Heart

Floating heart forms a floating carpet of water and foliage on water's surface. Learn how to grow and cultivate this attractive plant in your pond or fountain.