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Water Gardens

Water gardens are relatively easy to build and maintain, even without a professional landscaper. Learn all about water gardens at HowStuffWorks.

Common Cattail

Common cattail is an integral part of any water garden. The striking vertical foliage adds natural beauty to any garden aesthetic. Learn to grow and use common cattail in your water garden.

How Wall Fountains Work

Wall fountains are popular for adding aesthetic value to a room as well as creating a relaxing atmosphere. Learn all about wall fountains. See more »

How Bog Gardens Work

If you're a dedicated gardener which a penchant for exotic plants, it's possible to make a bog garden in your backyard. Learn about bog gardens. See more »

Sweet Flag

Sweet flag is named for its sweet-smelling leaves, which become even more fragrant when hung and dried. Learn more about this water-loving plant. See more »


Crinum is generally a white flower that makes a pretty addition to a water garden. Learn more about this flower that also grows in traditional gardens. See more »

Dwarf Papyrus

Dwarf papyrus grows well in water gardens but also thrives when planted in tubs. Learn more about this smaller descendant of the giant papyrus. See more »


Water-fringe, also known as yellow floating-heart for its yellow blooms and heart-shaped leaves, grows well in water. Learn about this lovely plant. See more »

Pickerel Weed

Pickerel weed produces small, dense blue flowers, similar to a hyacinth. Learn more about this plant, which is a gorgeous addition to a water garden. See more »

Common Cattail

Common cattail is an integral part of any water garden. Learn about growing, cultivating, and maintaining common cattail at HowStuffWorks. See more »


Eelgrass is an attractive plant that grows underwater. Lear about growing, using, and maintaining eelgrass at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Floating Heart

Floating heart covers water's surface with foliage and flowers. Learn about growing, cultivating, and using floating heart at HowStuffWorks. See more »