10 Big Questions About Tiny Houses

Where Do You Put All Your Stuff?
This tiny house uses every inch of space available for storage. Tomas Quinones Used Under Creative Commons CC By -SA 2.0 License

Most people would have to get rid of some belongings before moving into a tiny house. But a tiny home can be outfitted with more storage space than you might think. You can create storage space under bench seats, couches or even flooring, accessed via a trap door. The same thing can also be done with space in your ceiling. The area beneath your cabinets that's covered by the toe-kick can also be transformed into place for stuff via sliding drawers [source: Piro]. Don't forget to use up walls, too. Hang pots, pans and mugs; any hanging baskets can double as shelves.

You can also use the space outside your house for storing. One tiny-home owner parked a cargo trailer near his home, using it for larger-item storage as well as overflow from his house [source: Mitchell]. Another built an outside deck, adding storage space underneath [source: Tiny House Basics]. A third used the steps leading to the front door and put a hinge on the treads so items could be stowed inside each step [source: Tiny House Talk]. Some people rent a regular storage unit to stash away out-season-clothes and rarely used items.

But beyond all that, you may want to use tiny house living as a chance to declutter and see how much you can do without. It can be a way to simplify your lifestyle, buying less and borrowing more.