10 Creeping Vines that Provide Privacy


Climbing Roses

A popular cutting flower, roses can have a beautiful scent and bloom. As opposed to a bush type of rose, climbing roses not only use their thorns as protection, but also to attach and climb up things. It's important to note that some climbing roses might need to be tied to their supporting items in case of heavy winds. The climbing rose comes in colors ranging from yellow to deep red with names such as Don Juan, Joseph's Coat and Purity. To get a good crop of flowers, make sure to keep roses in soil that is well-drained and in a sunny spot.

There are many ways to use climbing roses to provide privacy in a garden. Create a tunnel with support rods that climbing roses can grow up and around. You could also use climbing roses on an arch for both fragrance and color at the entrance to your yard. Pair climbing roses with clematis and jasmine for a cottage-garden feel.