10 Creeping Vines that Provide Privacy



A honeysuckle vine can fill your garden with scent along with a degree of privacy. Make sure you check if the honeysuckle you're choosing is scented because some varieties aren't [source: Williams]. Honeysuckle can be evergreen or deciduous and have thin, elongated flowers ranging from yellow to red. These flowers can also attract wildlife. "Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds all like this vine's flowers," says Liz Pulver, ASLA, landscape architect licensed in New York and California.

When planting honeysuckle, remember that it does best in certain growing conditions. "Honeysuckles like full sun, but prefer shade at the roots," says Pulver.

Keeping in mind these conditions, honeysuckle can make for a fragrant entrance arch into your garden. Honeysuckle can also offer a natural way to hide an old tree stump or fence posts.