10 Stand-up Facts About Waterless Urinals

The Cost of Waterless Urinals

Over the course of the 2000s, waterless urinals started to become more widespread, emerging as an option for businesses and public organizations looking to conserve water [source: Davis]. Today, many manufacturers produce them, so they aren't as much of a niche boutique item as they once were. Just like any other type of fixture or appliance, waterless urinals come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and colors. The cheapest urinals start at around $250 each [source: Reichardt]. Those cheaper urinals are usually plain white, and resemble the tall bowl shape of many traditional urinals. Fancier urinals in designer colors, with more sleek designs, can run closer to $1,000 [source: WaterWise Technologies]. In other words, waterless urinals are no more or less expensive than traditional toilets. Also, some municipal water systems will give you a rebate for installing them as an incentive to decrease demands on the local water supply. Those rebates range from $60 in Los Angeles, to as much as $400 per urinal in San Diego county, just to name a few [source: WaterWise Technologies].

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