10 Homes of the Future ... Today

The Safe House
The zombie-deterring, high-security Safe House.
The zombie-deterring, high-security Safe House.
Aleksander Rutkowski/Robert Konieczny - KWK Promes

While many futuristic structures strive to be flashy, the Safe House by Robert Konieczny of KWK Promes, built just outside Warsaw, Poland, takes a different stance. Some publications have called it the perfect house in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Simply put, the Safe House is designed for maximum security. While some might achieve that end with alarms and cameras, it's all in the house itself here.

The concrete, cube-shaped home has moveable walls and thick shutters built with steel frames, insulated with steel wool and clad in cement-bonded wood. When open, two walls slide forward from either side of the house and meet the wall surrounding the property. They create a courtyard in front of the house, in which visitors can wait to be admitted. The backyard, or garden, is walled off from the courtyard and can only be entered from the house. Huge shutters over the windows swing open to allow in light, and the walls reveal inner walls of glass and steel. A drawbridge on the roof flips over to another building housing a swimming pool. Everything within the garden walls constitutes a safe zone.

Closing the house at night means sliding the walls back into place, shuttering the windows, flipping back the drawbridge and rolling down a huge steel door on the backside of the house. It's made of white aluminum and you can project movies on it. Once the house is closed, the safe zone is the house itself. Its windows allow solar energy to build up during the day (or deflect it in the summer), and the sliding walls keep in the warmth or insulate it from the heat at night. It's not just a safe house; it's a smart one.

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