10 Green Lawns Without a Blade of Grass


Artificial Grass

Artificial grass isn't just for football stadiums anymore! Homeowners are now choosing to install it in their yards in places where they might otherwise grow traditional (living) turf. But if you're picturing the bright green, close-cropped Astroturf used at Putt-Putt golf courses, think again. Today's artificial grass can be manufactured with long, variegated blades that closely resemble those of real grass. People driving down your street might not even notice the difference.

Artificial grass is best installed by professionals. They'll tear out your existing grass, then prepare a foundation made of compacted sand. This ensures that no plants will try to grow under your new faux turf. The crew then rolls out the new lawn in sheets, much like the carpet in your home. This process can be fairly expensive, costing a few thousand dollars even for a small lawn. But because the artificial grass is virtually maintenance free -- requiring no watering, mowing or fertilization -- it will likely pay for itself over the course of several years.