10 Hand Tools that Have Real Power

Paint Brush
The power of color is often spoken of (at least in paint ads), but the power of the paintbrush is often overlooked. ©Comstock/Thinkstock

Paint application tools, whether in the form of a paint brush or a paint roller, have the power to bring color into our lives.

Color affects our moods and feelings, and depending on the color palette you choose for your space, it's believed that you can have a bit of influence over such things as how calm you feel to the success (or failure) of your diet. The color red, for example, is associated with warmth, passion, optimism and energy, and it is thought to encourage conversation. That means it could be good in the dining room and to stimulate your appetite -- or bad, for instance, when used in a dieters' kitchen. And that influence is wielded with a paint brush (or roller).