10 Hand Tools that Have Real Power

Utility Knife
There's a utility knife for every taste and grip preference. ŠiStockphoto/Thinkstock

What's in your kitchen junk drawer? Among the pens, stamps and batteries many of us stash in a convenient spot is one of the most handy hand tools of all: the utility knife. And many of us only use that knife when we're opening packages, which is too bad because your utility knife has power. More power than needed to cut through a little tape or twine. For example, that knife's straight blade can be used to cut carpet and vinyl flooring (and if you swap the straight blade with a hooked blade it'll make your vinyl flooring project even easier). Use it with a T-square or a ruler to score and cut drywall [source: Mahoney].

Sharp knives are safe knives, and remember to always point the blade away from yourself as you cut.

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