10 Most Infamous Stains in History

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Is stainless steel really impossible to stain?

Is stainless steel really impossible to stain?

Is stainless steel really impossible to stain? Learn whether stainless steel is impossible to stain at HowStuffWorks.

Author's Note: 10 Infamous Stains

Stains are generally, well, a pain. You scrub your clothes or carpet in a frantic effort to remove them, and all too often those stubborn marks come out on top. Yet stains also tell interesting stories. Take my running shirts. Some of those shirts have seen hundreds of sweaty miles in the sun. They're steeped in yellowish sweat stains, sunscreen, road grime and blood ... and they smell like it, no matter how many times I wash them. Instead of fighting those intractable stains, I wear them with pride. After all, they are a visible reminder of the hard workouts I've slaved through for months and years of my life.

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