10 International Toilets

Open-Air Urinals -- Private Parts
Public urinals like this one are popular in Europe.
Public urinals like this one are popular in Europe.

Nothing like the fresh breeze on your backside as you water the tulips, right? This next type of toilet really only applies to the fellows, but everyone should try to stay alert when a public pissoir is within shooting range. Open-air urinals are becoming more wide-spread throughout Europe, many quite modern and sensible in design, though there are some lovely antique designs to be found in larger cities. [source: The New York Times].

From a sanitation point of view, these accommodations really assist in keeping the streets clean ... and dry. Apparently they enjoy a great deal of patronage as well, and most are free. The trend has spread, too. An artist took the idea and ran with it, as seen in his two-way mirrored toilet creation outside the Tate Modern in London [source: BBC]. Additionally, the largest open-air toilet facility recently opened in Beijing, showcasing Chinese urinals, Eastern squatters and Western toilets all in one communal place [source: Associated Press]. Who says we all can't just get along?

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