10 Most Expensive Pools


City of Stars

Crystal Lagoons, the builders behind the mega-pool at San Alfonso del Mar, are using their patented filtering technology to construct increasingly large pools across the world. Their latest venture is located in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, and is scheduled to open in late 2009. At more than 21 acres (8.5 hectares), the pool will be a full kilometer larger than the world's current largest pool when it is complete. The pool is part of the City of Stars resort complex and will be surrounded by more than 30,000 condo and hotel rooms. Residents and guests can swim or even sail a boat in this pool that's expected to cost more than $5.5 billion (30,639,565,000 Egyptian pounds) [source: Splash Magazine].

But Crystal Lagoons isn't stopping there. When City of Stars is complete, the company will move on to a new pool project in Soma Bay, just south of Cairo. The Soma Bay pool will feature 18 interconnected lagoons covering more than 30 acres (12 hectares), and has an estimated price tag of $12 billion. The company has nearly 50 more pool projects in the works, all of which are expected to push the limits on expensive pool design [source: Construction Week Online].

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