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Gellert Thermal Baths

The Hotel Gellert baths in Budapest
The Hotel Gellert baths in Budapest
Vladimir Pcholkin/Photodisc/Getty Images

Located in Budapest, Hungary, the Gellert Thermal Baths are among the world's oldest and most famous public bathhouses still in operation. Built between 1912 and 1918, the baths are a well-preserved example of the Art Noveau design popular during that period. The Baths feature multiple pools measuring more than 7,500 square feet (700 square meters), including an outdoor wave pool, children's pool, and luxurious Roman baths [source: Gellert Baths].

The pools in Gellert are fed by more than 100 hot mineral springs that are believed by many to have natural healing properties. Visitors will find classic design features including fine marble, mosaic tile, and priceless works of art. On warmer days, the building's retractable roof is opened to allow swimmers to enjoy the sun. Best of all the pools are open to the public, allowing anyone to enjoy a luxurious swim for a nominal fee.